WF202 Foldable eBike

When we started our WF202 foldable eBike journey, we wanted it to include everything on our wish list.   Our goal was to create an affordable eBike with great  features … plus it had to be a joy to ride!  

Foldable eBike - Warpfive Cycles
Foldable Electric Bicycle for commuting : Warpfive Cycles
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The WF202 combines the best characteristics of a mountain bike with a road bike, so it is equally at home in the city or countryside. Furthermore its highly versatile design means you can use it in a wide range of conditions across a variety of  fitness levels.

When you first use an electric bike, it is a revolutionary experience –  you’ll feel superhuman.  However when you use a quality eBike that is  also reliable, powerful and useful – it is simply a joyful experience.  Top considerations when you choose an eBike include motor, range, battery, brakes, suspension and affordability. The WF202 design has great features which you can read about in more detail below.



  • Powerful mid-motor pedal assist
  • Centrally positioned motor & battery for best weight distribution
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for incredible stopping power
  • Large capacity Samsung lithium ion battery for extended range – travel between 20 and 100 miles on a single charge
  • Exceedingly comfortable ride due to full front and rear suspension 
  • Complete Shimano drivetrain
  • Integrated electric light option available
  • Versatile & convenient full-size folding frame



You will ride it just like any other bike – you will use your gears exactly as you do on a normal bike.  However when you start to pedal, the powerful mid-motor pedal assist will automatically activate and will smoothly propel you forward.  In addition to this, the sophisticated linear torque sensor will sense the amount of effort you exert through the pedals, and adapt the motor power accordingly.  Furthermore you have a choice of power settings depending on the terrain or your fitness levels which you can easily select and change while cycling.  

Is an electric bike good exercise? Unquestionably.  Riding an eBike is very good exercise, you will still burn calories as you pedal. Read more about how heart rate monitor records prove that you burn almost as many calories on an electric bike as on a regular bike.  Research also shows that people with eBikes cycle longer and more often. 


When you order your WF202 eBike, you have the opportunity to add a selection of optional accessories. These accessories have been designed in-house specifically for the WF202 and will be added to your bike build. 

eBike Kit

eBike Lights

It is advisable to keep your lights on at all times in order to make yourself visible to drivers and pedestrians, plus improve your safety. This is especially important on an eBike as you travel much further & faster.  Therefore the WF202 LED lights are designed to be highly efficient and have a minimal impact on battery consumption when used continuously.  They are manufactured by us in the UK, and the quality is superb.  The lights are sealed and fully waterproof,  which is important in wet weather or when you are cleaning your bike.  Furthermore the through frame cable routing means that the lights are wired directly to the wiring loom.  Because of this, the system is reliable and can be used continuously.

WF202 Foldable eBike
eBike Frame Lock

A frame lock provides additional security at times when you are forced to leave your bike unattended.   The lock is easily and quickly attached to a folded bike rendering it completely inoperative.   It has a highly visible brightly coloured rubberised coating.  Please note it should be used an additional security measure. 

WF202 Foldable eBike
eBike Mudguards and Carrier 

Good mudguards are essential to reduce the amount of spray thrown upwards,  protect your eBike and keep you dry.  The WF202 has close fitting mudguards which efficiently reduce spray and keep you protected.  The rear mudguard incorporates a versatile carrier rack which is colour coded to match your eBike.   The sturdy carrier design has numerous tie-down anchor points which will comfortably carry anything weighing up to 20 kg.  

Bicycle Mudguards - Warpfive Cycles


Sizing & Fit

For proper bike performance and comfort, it is essential that your bike size suits your individual needs.  Please use this table to determine exactly which bike size is ideal for you.
Rider Height155.0 - 165.0 cm
5'1.0" - 5'5.0"
165.0 - 175.0 cm
5'5.0" - 5'8.9"
175.0 - 186.0 cm
5'8.9" - 6'1.2"
Inseam72.0 - 78.0 cm
28.3" - 30.7"
77.0 - 83.0 cm
30.3" - 32.7"
82.0 - 88.0 cm
32.3" - 34.6"

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