Bicycle Frame Lock


  • Additional security frame lock
  • Renders bike inoperative
  • Quick, easy attachment for additional security
  • Highly visible bright red rubberised soft-coating
  • Locks to folded frame

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Bicycle Frame Lock

It is an unfortunate reality that your ebike will be vulnerable to theft. Because it folds and is portable, you can keep it with you in most instances.  However there will be times when you will need to leave it in a secure space.  At times like these we suggest you use our custom bicycle frame lock.

The lock is easily attached to the folded bike and renders it completely inoperative. To fold your bike, you will simply undo the aluminium clasp, keep the bike resting on the rear wheel and swing the front around. The  frame lock is easily attached to a location point on the folded section of the bike.  It has a highly visible and brightly coloured coating which is rubberised to minimise any damage to your paintwork.

Tips on how to keep your eBike safe from theft

In addition to using the bicycle frame lock, we recommend that you always –

  • choose a safe location when you need to leave your bike unattended – even if it means walking a little further
  • take your bike inside with you – place it where you can keep an eye on it with your locks in place
  • try not to follow the same routine when commuting and park it in a different spot
  • place it in well-lit areas
  • use a D-lock in addition to other bicycle locks & use different styles / brands
  • place your locks in the most inaccessible location on your bike possible.  This helps to deter thieves especially if removing the locks will damage the bike or take too long to remove.
  • attach your bike to an object that is much stronger. For example a solid metal post, street light, concrete barrier, steel parking metre.
  • lock your bike parts onto your ebike. For instance always keep your battery locked.

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Bicycle Lock


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