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There is no getting around it – electric bikes can be expensive so what is the best value eBike.  Firstly you need to know what is important when selecting an eBike.  Secondly which electric bike is going to give you the best value in terms of usage and spend.  Here is a list of top considerations –

1. Power

The first thing to look at is the battery capacity in Watt hours.  This tells you how much energy the battery can store. Long distance batteries are best because you will charge them less frequently (saving on the degradation of the battery) and you can obviously travel much further.

Choosing an eBike with a replaceable battery is ultimately the best option.  Also consider how long the battery will take to charge, and can it be charged on and off the bike?

2.  Motor

We believe mid-motors are best.  Choose a powerful mid-motor (350 Watt) with pedal assist and  torque sensor.  The torque sensor is an intelligent power management system that will sense the amount of effort you exert through the pedals and adjust the motor power accordingly. 

You will be able to select from different power modes how little or how much help you want from the motor.

Using a torque sensor makes you feel super human!

3. Suspension

You really want to choose an eBike with full suspension.  You will spend a lot of time on your eBike and full suspension makes your ride far more comfortable.  This is  especially important when cycling along potholed roads, country paths and tracks.

4. Folding

An eBike with 26″ wheels that also folds is ideal because you can use it across a variety of applications i.e. not only commuting. 

A folding bike is an excellent choice because can take it anywhere with you. It also fits neatly into the boot of a car and is easy to store at home. 

5. Versatility

In order to gain the greatest value from your electric bike, you will want to use it as much as possible. 

A hybrid bike that can be used in the city for commuting on country trails or even for touring is the best choice. 

6. Save Money

Using an eBike will save you money.  An eBike costs on average 0.4 pence per mile to run in comparison to running a medium sized diesel car which costs 34 pence per mile. 

In addition an eBike is very ecofriendly so while you benefit from the advantages of cycling, you will also be helping the environment.  

7. Best Value eBike

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