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Introducing the WF202 foldable electric bike. Long distance eBike – Hybrid Bike, perfect for road and country lanes. Unisex. Comes with mid motor pedal assist for effortless cycling. Select from five different modes to suit your fitness levels.

The WF202 combines the best characteristics of a mountain bike with a road bike, so it is equally at home in the city or countryside. Furthermore its highly versatile design means you can use it in a wide range of conditions across a variety of fitness levels. When you first use an electric bike, it is a revolutionary experience – you’ll feel superhuman – it is a joyful experience. When considering purchasing an eBike look at motor type, battery range, brakes and suspension.

Foldable Electric Bicycle for commuting : Warpfive Cycles
WF202 foldable electric bike - Warpfive Cycles
Electric Bicycle for trekking : Warpfive Cycles
Ebike commuting - Warpfive Cycles