eBike Design

We spend a lot of time thinking about how things are done and how we can make them better.  Here we showcase some design features.

Electric Bike lights design - Warpfive Cycles
eBike frame design - Warpfive Cycles
eBike PCB design - Warpfive Cycles
eBike suspension stress test - Warpfive Cycles


Our primary objective was to build a versatile electric bike that can be used across a variety of activities such as commuting, cycle touring and weekend country trails. 
In addition we wanted to offer the added convenience of a folding frame which makes storage and travelling on public transport so much easier. 
Furthermore the bike should be robust, safe and comfortable, with high specification components. It was critical that it should remain cost effective. 
Above all it should be fun to ride.  


  • Bicycle frame:  A folding frame that is also robust and light with a bash plate to protect the motor and battery.
  • Lights: Integral lights with through frame cable fitting built to be used constantly for improved safety.  Plus 100% waterproof.
  • Suspension: All round suspension for maximum comfort. Ultra strong suspension link to withstand vibration and movement.
  • Carrier rack:  A convenient carrier rack with integral light and mudguard.  Colour coded to match your bike.


Electric Bike Frame Design

Carbon steel & aluminium frame utilises an integral twin beam bash plate in order to protect the motor and battery.

eBike Design

Extensive use of  3D design software simulates the effect of various forces and stresses on the frame and components.

eBike Design
The unique battery location adds strength to the light weight carbon steel and aluminium frame.
Long Distance eBike - Warpfive Cycles

Electric Bike Lights

The electronic board and regulator circuit is designed and manufactured in-house.

eBike Design

Custom designed  twin beam LED which is fully waterproof and provides energy efficient performance.

eBike Design

The seat post mounted rear LED light fits neatly under the saddle. Uses ultra bright, energy efficient LED technology.

eBike Design

Electric Bike Suspension Link & Motor Frame

The suspension link has been optimised using 3D design software in order to save weight and increase strength.

eBike Design

Customised rear shock absorber with distinctive burnt orange coating.

Full suspension - Warpfive Cycles

Alloy suspension linkages are used to reduce weight and provide a smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions.

Ebike suspension - Warpfive Cycles

Electric Bike Carrier Rack (with integral lighting)

Custom designed waterproof light integrated into the rear mudguard with ultra bright LED and reflector. Wired to loom.

eBike Design

Clever design securely holds D-lock on the carrier rack ensuring you always have it with you. 

eBike Design

Colour coded carrier rack has multiple anchor points for 20kg max load.

eBike Design

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