We are a British company who design & manufacture a range of renewable energy products.   


Electric Bike with carrier and mudguards - Warpfive Cycles

We Believe in Innovation

By approaching technical problems from different angles we have been able to achieve our design objective of producing a versatile, cost effective eBike.  Our innovations include customised power control, centralised battery position,  a near 50/50 weight distribution and LED lighting.  The WF202 is a unique, hand-built, high specification folding electric bike packed with many innovative features. 

Warpfive Cycles

We’re Precision Engineers

We are proud to also design and manufacture eco-friendly Stirling engines.   Our range of  hand-built miniature Stirling engines for use in your home are purely mechanical and require only heat to work.   In fact when you use a Warpfive Stove Fan on top or your log burner, you will reduce your wood  usage and heat your room much faster.  You can read more about these amazing miniature engines at Warpfive Stove Fans.  



Long Distance eBike - Warpfive Cycles

No Detail is too Small

We aim to give the same detailed attention to all aspects of our work.  Consequently we carefully consider, prototype and test every small detail.  In addition we hand build our electric bikes in order to ensure consistent quality and reliability.  The WF202 has been tested over 1000 miles in order to provide an amazing cycling experience. Above all we always try to provide you with beautiful, unique products and excellent service.

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